Our Father’s World

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell within. Psalm 24:1 KJV

When I was a young Christian we used to sing these words, and I have discovered over the years that most of the trouble I have gotten into in life has been because I forgot them. This is not my world; it belongs to God. Neither I nor any other person gets to make the rules: God does! The whole of creation belongs to Him because He is the manufacturer and as the maker of this world He has put in our hands HIs owner’s manual (The Bible).  Finding out what God’s opinion on a decision rather than so called “expert” advice can save us from a whole world of hurt in our families our finances and our health (Not to mention our eternal destiny). But the good news is that in spite of our failures and sins God still cares about us. Our hope is in a second truth from today’s verse. Not only does the world belong to Him but also the people in it (Yup that’s you and me!). Just like everything else in the universe we were made by God, but with two gigantic differences. First, we were made in God’s image and second, He sent Jesus to the cross for us. Jesus didn’t die for fish or birds, lions, or monkeys. He died for messed up, mixed up and confused human beings like us. Now that is fantastic news indeed! We can have hope because no matter how low we feel we have fallen or how far away from God’s plan we have wandered, Jesus has bent lower and traveled farther to rescue us, remind us that we are His and to bring us home in His arms!

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