Our Sunday Best

Perhaps the younger generation has missed out on the experience of Sunday best, so I’ll recap briefly. Even when I was just seven or eight I had to put on dress pants, a shirt and tie and last but not least : black leather shoes. I say last because the Sunday morning ritual given me meant shining those shoes until they gleamed brightly enough to pass my stepfather’s inspection. I’m pretty sure that none of this made us any holier than folks who troop into church with shorts and T-shirts but it did speak volumes about how special the day was to us.

The Bible also lays out a Sunday going to meeting outfit for us to wear. In The third chapter of Colossians Paul tells us to put on compassion, kindness, patience and love. That inspired me this morning to share a little verse. If you are getting dressed for church it is full of fashion advice that just might help coordinate your outfit.

Getting dressed for church on Sunday
There's some clothing we must choose
And an outfit we must pick out
Before slipping on our shoes

Now the Bible points out kindness
And forgiveness are in fashion
And gentleness and patience
Should be worn with God's compassion

But designer jeans of selfish pride
And envy just don't make it
And bitterness should not be put on
Nor the golden chains of gossip

Then over all our Sunday best
What brings it all together
Is the wedding gown of God's own love
That He gives to wear forever!

Wearing Our Sunday Best
by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright 2021
All rights reserved

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