Like a Home Coming!

On my first time into Watermark Assisted Living since the beginning of the pandemic, it was great hearing my friends sing, taking their requests for songs and finding out that one elderly lady took on leading Bible studies once a week since they had been closed down. We often hear or even say things about God being in control but it is amazing to actually see how He has been doing it!

Here I am visiting after the service. We actually had a full room during our time of singing and prayer

Here is a photo of just visiting with some of my friends at Watermark after church. The room was almost full during our first church meeting we have had after 14 months of COVID. What a blessing. If you have been vaccinated, live in the North Tampa area and would like to help out let me know. For now we have been invited to meet every other Sunday at 11 AM. God has been faithful! So much to tell but space will not allow here!

2 thoughts on “Like a Home Coming!

  1. Oh this is wonderful Pastor Pete!! What a blessing that lovely lady must have been to her fellow residents as she led them in the study the Word during the lockdown.

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