God Gave Him a Song

God Gave Him a Song

A rich and a poor man met Jesus one day
One ran to the Lord - one sat by the way
One asked for heaven while the other called out
“Lord I need mercy!” as he started to shout

But the rich man was shocked when he heard Jesus say
Both your heart and your wealth must be given away
So, he turned and went home in shock and dismay
Wondering why God asked all on that day

But the poor man jumped up and he started to come
Left his robe in the dust in his hurry to run
First, He knelt then he wept at the feet of the Lord
And He asked for His eyes to be fully restored

And Jesus delighted to give him his sight
 Then He told him go home and praise God there tonight
But instead from that day he followed Jesus along
For He got more than sight - His God gave him a song!

God Gave Him a Song by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright 2021 use by permission only

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