More About Jesus

Through a season of major technical difficulties (My new computer is somewhere in Kentucky getting fixed) I have been struggling through producing new video of our outreach and hymns, but today I was able to upload a fairly rough version of one of our songs from Sunshine Christian Village. What a blessing to have been given the chance to meet indoors for the first time in a year. Please be praying that as we all get vaccinated that the main facility will also open as well as the outreach to two other nursing homes we used to visit. God bless everyone and have a wonderful day as you also seek more about Jesus for your life.

One thought on “More About Jesus

  1. I love this hymn and found myself singing along. I’m so glad to hear that you are able to begin meeting in person again and will certainly be praying that your outreach will be able to resume in the other facilities. I keep regular communication via phone and email with two lovely seniors from church. One is in nursing care and hasn’t had an outside visitor in a year. She maintains such a wonderful attitude and each time I talk with her she is full of praise for the Lord’s goodness in seeing her through each day. The other just emailed to say her retirement village should finish vaccinating by the end of March. We are hoping that this means an in person visit at Easter. Both of these women are such an inspiration to me.

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