Joy Unspeakable

Years ago we lived in a small upstairs apartment and the only telephone was on the wall in the kitchen. It may be hard for young people to imagine but then the ringing of the phone meant an important message and everyone in the family ran to answer it. Around midnight when we were all sound asleep, the phone began ringing. Concerned that it must be terribly important my wife shook me by the shoulder, ” Honey! Wake up! You have to get the phone!” she called.

Obediently I stumbled to the kitchen still half asleep without bothering to even flick on the light. By the time I picked up the receiver my mind couldn’t focus any longer and so I just mumbled something incoherent and hung it back on the hook. Then shuffling back across the dark apartment I plopped back in bed.

“So who was it?” Nancy asked.

Who was what?” I answered and fell fast asleep! This last year of the Covid-19 crisis reminds me of that phone call. Everything is dark and is seems like everyone is calling us to action but we are exhausted. Even when we do pick up the phone we no longer have the energy to hear what is being said. But God has great news for all of us fighting this invisible enemy that has sapped our strength. He has an unspeakable joy to give us that is full of glory. In fact the Bible tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength!

4 thoughts on “Joy Unspeakable

  1. I got such a late night phone call once, Pete. My best friend’s car broke down and he needed somewhere to spend the night. However, I was half asleep and hung up on him. He ended up sleeping in the lobby of our college’s student union! He’s never let me live that one down.😌

    Someone on here mentioned the other day that, when under stress, the standard human response is to find the easy way out. I’m embarrassed to say that has been me more than a time or two.

    Of course, I’m not saying that is you. 😇. Great post!

    • Thanks Dave! I always love your input. Yeah we never found out who it was but it’s funny how that forty years old memory sticks in my mind. We all need some more than just comic relief right now and there is nothing more serious than the deep joy only Christ can give. Have a blessed weekend. Are you a Chiefs or Bucs fan this weekend? Being in the Tampa area I am compelled to appear on the home team’s side but I just hope for no better big injuries and a good game!

  2. I’m going with the Bucs. Gotta cheer for the almost middle-aged quarterback, Brady! Plus, the ‘experts’ say Tampa Bay is supposed to lose. I hate it when they choose like that between to pretty evenly matched teams. So, go Bucs!

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