Jesus Bread of Heaven – Devotional for Lent

When I was a boy I loved the smells coming from the kitchen when my mom baked bread. I could hardly wait for her to hand me a warm slice slathered with butter right from the oven. We need to ask ourselves if we are also longing to know God like that. Are we eager to come into His presence and receive a fresh word from Him each day? Now is the time to set our sights again to that first Easter morning when Mary came to the tomb and became the first one to see our risen Lord! Jesus Bread of Heaven includes a devotional reading for each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. As we begin Lent begin with your reading and then take time to pray and then listen to what God has to say. Only He can lead us through our problems and on to all that He has planned for us in life!

If you are looking for a devotional to read during lent; Jesus bread of Heaven is a daily reader that comes in both standard as well as large print. While this edition carries many of my classic Easter themed devotionals it also offers a fresh perspective on all we have experienced during the Covid-19 crisis, elections and craziness of this past year. Let’s refocus on Jesus, who gives us hope as we as we put our faith in Him and the miracle of Easter.

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