God Chose You — David’s Daily Dose

“You did not choose me, but I chose you.” Jesus – John 15:16a You know the kid on every playground who’s always chosen last? That was me. I could run fast, but my hand-to-eye coordination stunk. That meant being a sought after team mate for a game of pick-up basketball was out of the question. […]

God Chose You — David’s Daily Dose

I don’t do a lot of re-posting but with David’s permission I wanted to share this excellent post about God’s choosing us for His team. So many of us can identify with the way David says that God includes us all – just in different ways as long as our heart is on His team. I am also adding a very special rendition of Just As I Am by the Mullett Family. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday and enjoy both of these reminders of God’s amazing love and great grace!

One thought on “God Chose You — David’s Daily Dose

  1. Thanks, Pete. You’ve taken what I said and added to it— making it better, like a great team mate does.

    We come to God just as we are, He gives us a heavenly uniform and puts us into the game.

    I enjoy collaboration and am honored that you’ve shared my post.

    Blessings, team mate!

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