A Place Called Home – Song

Sometimes advice is tough to take because what is being suggested seems really hard (or even impossible) to do. So when Barbara of My Life in Our Father’s World asked if I couldn’t write music for a poem I posted last week I thanked her for the idea but inwardly just shrugged it off. But somehow I knew my impulse was wrong on a number of levels so I began to pray and ask God if He had something more in mind than I did…(Dumb question!) You see the real issue was that the reality behind the words to this poem, now turned song, is a very painful one. I had been in five different places in three different states by the time first grade came along. My younger sister and I moved so often that it was hard to remember our phone number (No cell phones back then). But all through the avalanche of changes, God was watching and waiting for me to find in Him the home that He had prepared. And though the scars of that time remain, I can truthfully say how glad I am to know Jesus in a unique way because of that journey. I pray you will be blessed as you listen. For anyone struggling with some of those same issues I pray that you truly find that home Jesus promised when He said.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. John 14:3 ESV

6 thoughts on “A Place Called Home – Song

  1. The poem alone was lovely but hearing it as a song gave it so much greater depth. Yes, a home is really where Jesus is! Thank you Pastor Pete for asking the Lord the question, “Do you have something more in mind?” and moving forward in His answer.

  2. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing your story behind the inspiration.
    What a living example of God making beauty from ashes–He turned hard, painful experiences/memories into a beautiful poem and song! May this bless and touch many souls on their journey.

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