No Church Allowed in Victoria

All churches have been closed since March here in Victoria, Australia. Seven months now and not a whimper from one church leader. Pathetic. Yesterday we went to a park and sat outside and had church. There were 20 of us. We spaced out in household groups. I’ll admit not many of us were wearing masks. […]

No Church Allowed in Victoria

Wow we thought it was tough with restrictions and limited attendance here in Florida. Our brothers and sisters in Australia are treated like criminals just like in Iran or China. Please pray and repost. Remember that when God’s people pray He hears and always sends an answer!

2 thoughts on “No Church Allowed in Victoria

  1. Australia is one of the countries I pray for daily. I believe that as they go through the “fire,” the Church will be refined. There may be fewer people, but those that persevere will be the strong, committed ones, passionate to finish what has been started there. We’ve seen how often the Church in persecuted countries is so much stronger than where we can easily take our freedom for granted.

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