The Home School Option

The debate over the reopening of schools has been intensifying here in Florida as I am sure it is around the country. Tempers have become heated, words exchanged and the battle has sadly been generating more heat than light. So for parents wondering about school in the middle of this corona crisis maybe take a breath and consider that Home School may be a great option. Home schooling is not something new and it definitely play out differently in the city

Than it will in a rural area:

But for those who feel called and excited about trying home schooling; able here is a simple video from Tiny Notes From Home which is a fun family Vlog (try saying that 3 times fast!). I hope that their presentation gives you some encouragement and practical ideas that will help you not only keep you children safe but also invest in ensuring that they are getting a good education. May God bless you parents out there facing the what to do about school decision in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “The Home School Option

  1. I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I so much believe in our children I can’t do otherwise. From the beginning, after teaching at a couple summer camps, I saw how easy teaching could be, though it would require determination and consistency with projects. All along the way, I was probably more like a home school teacher in a public setting, using every available strategy and creativity to prepare the students. They loved it. But as each year passed, I saw the most creative teachers, the one’s who thought outside the box, be encouraged to find another path. Some of the finest teachers I have ever known retired or sought a different career. Very sad. However, there is a bright side. Parents (most) are far more intelligent than they realize, and they have a ton of resources (teachers stores, texts, books, online sources, teacher blogs, and more) to create their own curriculum. Yes, I probably make it sound easy as I was very motivated. As I shared with the kids, if you find a career in something you already do and enjoy, it’s like playing for a living. That’s how it was for me during the first half of the career. Today, I truly believe the parent plays the biggest part in their children’s education, more so with all the resources. As a teacher, I always looked to include the parents in their children’s motivation. For instance, one boy thought he couldn’t read, and all the “programs” didn’t help much, so I got the mother to read with her son, 20 minutes per night, but she increased the time. In one year, he improved far more than all the years before, because of his mother. Parents are far more amazing than they realize.

    • Wow very nice. Want to write a guest post? 5 of our 7 grandchildren are homeschooling though the closest we got was teaching at home things beyond normal curriculum with ours.

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