Stretch Those Wings!

Isaiah 40:31 ...but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;  they shall mount up with wings like eagles;

Today on my morning walk, I found a perfect white Ibis feather lying on the ground and brought it home to show my grandson. Ibis always make me smile. They are funny looking birds when they are eating and often come into our front yard in groups of 3-5 to peck deep into the ground with their long bills. They look so much like the chickens back on our farm that I sometimes call them “Florida chickens”.

One of the delightfully strange thing about the Ibis however is that when they fly they transform themselves from a clumsy chicken like creature into a thing of beauty. They epitomize the concept of a leap of faith. They lift off the ground with a spring from their long slender legs and then spread their wings amazingly wide and then quietly and gracefully glide away.

Though I chuckle at their silly appearance I also see in my Florida Chickens a bit of myself. With this virus raging through our state and my own personal health issues I have often laid awake at night focusing on my struggles. I desperately peck deep into the soil below me searching for a way out. All the while God has been watching and wondering when I will remember that He created me to fly. He has been trying to remind me that instead of looking for just an earthly solution I need to look up to Him with faith. It is simply time to spread those wings and flying must begin with a leap into the air above. Today might be just the perfect time to stretch the wings God gave us. We might find out that we will not only look a lot better, but we also discover that right now only faith can carry us any farther on the journey that God has planned!

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