God’s Snail Mail

Not long ago my wife sent a thank you note to our young pastor to encourage him during this time when our church doors are closed due to the Corona virus.  He quickly wrote back saying how he appreciated the time she had taken to send him good old fashioned snail mail. His comment got me to thinking about the value of letters. Some of my most treasured possessions are letters from my dad. One of my favorites is a Mother’s day letter that he wrote from Europe during WW2. Since my grandmother was from Italy, dad felt that writing in Italian would give her a special blessing as she worried and prayed for him back in the states.

Then I remembered  that God was the author of the first snail mail. That was when He came down on Mount Sinai and wrote with His finger on some stone tablets. In order to deliver them Moses had to lug them all the way down the mountain. Now some snails might have traveled almost as fast! But you might say – today God is more up to date. He isn’t using stone tablets anymore, He is writing on hearts. Well yes that is true but then ask yourself a question: “Which has lasted longer; those tablets or the hearts that He wrote on?”

When God wanted to show Himself to the world He choose to send a special delivery letter – The Word of God made flesh in the person of Jesus. Today He wants to write the love of Jesus on our own hearts for others to read. Though it might take a lifetime God is not in a hurry. He is looking for people patient enough to sit still long enough for Him to finish. Are you ready to become a part of His snail mail today? God is ready to start writing!

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