Caregiver Devotional – New Edition

First a little background on me might help in that I have spent over the last twenty-five years ministering every week in six different long term care facilities. I learned that it was not only the residents but also their families and loved ones who struggled to understand how to make it through day by day. So originally I wrote this short devotional book to come alongside and let them know that they were not alone and that God had not forgotten about them.

Grace for the Road image

Then when the Corona virus crisis intensified,  I went back to the manuscript and have added more readings specific to the new reality as well as a new introduction. If you are a caregiver yourself or know someone who needs a gentle reminder of God’s grace and hope this book may be just for you. It is also available in large print. You could either click through on the link or find it for yourself on Amazon.

Large Print Edition

Standard Edition


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