Caregivers Devotional

It has occurred to me over the 30 plus years of nursing home ministry how few good resources there are for those in what I have come to call the “Long Term Care Community”. That long term care community includes all of us who are family members, residents, staff or volunteers at a nursing home, assisted living facility or large group home. We share a common culture and set of difficulties and challenges that are unique. One part of that community that has been getting a little more press over the last couple of years are those who are commonly called caregivers. But who is a caregiver? Is it the nurse who oversees the ward? Is it the family member who cares for their mom or dad at home or visits regularly at a nursing home? In a small way almost all of us are caregivers including the resident who encourages and prays for their room mate.

Grace for the Road is a small devotional reader dedicated to the hundreds of nursing home residents for whom I have had the honor of singing, praying for and becoming friends with over the years. Together we; along with our families and the staff who work in long term care facilities form a community. We share a common bond and a unique way of seeing the world. Our great hope is that Jesus understands our weaknesses our cares and even our fears. He was not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters and best of all He bows down to listen to our whispered prayers.  Grace for the Road image

These 31 daily readings are messages of the love that God offers to each and every one of us. If we will simply reach out to touch the hem of His garment He promises to give us grace for the road that we travel with Him. Available today in standard, large print or e-book formats.

Grace for the Road – Paperback

Grace for the Road – Large Print Edition

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