ABC’s for Wyatt

I enjoy writing letters to our grandchildren, maybe in part because I am sad to see that almost no one writes anymore. Some of my most treasured momentos are hand written letters from from my Dad. So when our youngest grandson Wyatt began home school this year I wanted to commemorate this event by writing my first letter to him. In the letter I included this ABC poem that I wrote for him. To any other grandparents out there let me know if you think letter writing isn’t a tradition worth the effort to keep alive. Blessings:

Wyatt’s ABC’s

A lways be sure of God’s loving care

B ecome part of His family give your heart to Him

C ome to Him each day in prayer

D on’t stop praying He is listening


E ach time you fall God will pick you up

F ollow Him He knows the way

G od is good even when things get rough

H ope will help us through the day


I magine what He has in store

J esus has big plans

K eep all of your promises for

L oving others is what He commands


M ake time to read your Bible

N ever doubt what God can do

O ffer Him each day your best

P ut Him first He’ll see you through


Q uestions are a normal thing

R emember God can answer them

S o in your heart make Him the King

T rust and worship Him!


U nder His care you find He is

V ery strong to carry you

W hen we’re lost He’ll show us

eX actly what to do!


Y ou are always in our prayers

Z o please pray for us too!

Z o please pray for us too!


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