What Are You Looking At?!

A number of years back one of the men who worked for me had a really quick temper. I found that I sometimes had to make amends for whoever the latest target of his anger happened to be. One day as we were coming to a stop sign Robbie looked out his window and shouted at a surprised looking pedestrian, “What are you looking at!!?”

“Do you know that guy Robbie?” I asked.

“No I just didn’t like the way he was staring at me!” Robbie snapped back. Then I realized that the problem was not in the target of Robbie’s rage but in how he saw the world.

How we see our world will always effect how we live. What we need most of all are eyes of faith. Only a faith that sees the unseen things of God can help us live for Him and prepare us for all He has in store in eternity. So what will you be looking at when you come to the final stop sign of life?

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