God’s Open Door


1554975554024_image.jpgIn the ancient Macedonian city of Philippi, Paul and Silas found themselves at the epicenter of an earthquake that changed not only their own his lives; but the future of Christianity in the West. Previous to their travel there; Paul had a dream of a Macedonian man calling for help and so had obediently left a successful work  of planting churches throughout Asia minor, Cyprus and Syria. But not long after going to Macedonia, Paul and Silas were arrested, beaten and thrown into prison.

If you are anything like me, you might have started moaning or at best patiently enduring the pain and humiliation of that day. Should I have been in Paul’s place I could have complained saying; “God: You called me here and this is the thanks I get!” But no! …In fact Paul and Silas were singing hymns at midnight when suddenly an earthquake shook the prison so hard that the doors swung open and their chains fell to the ground. Often we pray for an open door and in my mind that is most definitely an open door!

If that had happened to me while chained in a dungeon I am pretty sure that I along with most of you would have been half-way home before slowing down long enough to catch our breath. But the funniest thing about that night is that the open door let the jailer in; not the prisoner out!

So no matter the problem or situation we find ourselves in today may this remind us that God’s doors are more about entrances than exits. God is working not so much to get us out of things as He is bringing others to us so that we can point them to Him and together go out through His open door!

3 thoughts on “God’s Open Door

  1. I love that in another place in Acts the disciples rejoiced that they were counted WORTHY to suffer for Christ! What a great attitude!
    I remember praying for a missionary friend of mine who had been in a car wreck in a country where the way they handle those things is to jail everybody until they get things straightened out! The woman was on her way to her son’s graduation, so most of us were praying for her immediate release! Instead, she was there a while, and before she was released, at least 14 people had come to Christ! (PRIORITIES, folks.)

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