Falling Asleep on Take-Off

I am not a big fan of flying though I have flown extensively. I like to joke that I can’t fall asleep even on long flights because the pilot may need my help. In fact travel of just about any kind tends to keep me on edge. I was so surprised when I accompanied my pastor Joliam Sampaio on an overseas mission’s trip to find out that he is so used to flying that sometimes he falls asleep before take-off!

In this passage he disciples were about to leave on a mission’s trip of their own. Their pastor; Jesus Christ decided that they needed to go across the sea of Galilee. Matthew’s gospel tells us that Jesus was the first into the boat and then worn out from a long day of ministering to the multitudes he fell asleep. While the boat they were traveling approached the halfway point of their journey a wild storm blew in. The waves sloshed over the sides and the wind tossed them around so violently that the experiences fishermen piloting the boat that night began to think they might be on their way to the bottom and yet Jesus slept on. I imagine the conversations among them went something like this;

“We need a miracle Peter and since you are the oldest; you wake Him up!” shouted Peter’s younger brother Andrew over the howling of the wind.

“No way Andy!” Peter replied. “Ask John. Jesus likes Him better.”

“Me!” John answered in surprise.. “Why do you always have me ask Him all the questions. It’s Phillip’s turn this time!”

Finally as terror set in with the worsening of the state of the ship they decided it to make it  joint effort, and the shouted in unison. “Master ! Wake up! Are you so sleepy that you aren’t even worried if we all die?!”

If this sounds anything like your situation today welcome to the club. Like me you may have the tendency to stay awake in case the pilot needs help. We may fret over details; so much that any holdup or unpleasant change in our plans makes us feel that everything if falling apart. Events that we were certain we were in charge of are suddenly spinning out of control and it seems like God is either unaware or unconcerned with our panic. But the good news is that we are still in the boat with Jesus. We have 24/7 access to Him and we don’t even need to wait for an emergency to ask for His help. He is simply waiting for us to call for His help. When the Lord is in our boat He guarantees us that we will get to the destination He has determined.  There is nothing that takes Him by surprise and no opposition that can prevent us from reaching the other shore.



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