Daily Bread

Tonight my wife was in a baking mood so she decided we are having homemade bread. The aroma of it in the oven is enough to get my taste buds tuned up for the big pot of chile simmering on the stovetop.

When Jesus taught us to pray for daily bread it was not only as a check on our tendency to worry; but also out of a fatherly concern for us to have a healthy spiritual diet. Friends will be stopping by later just to be able to eat a piece straight out of Nancy’s oven!

We need to take more seriously our prayer for daily bead. If we ask Him our Father has promised to provide fresh daily bread. Then maybe folks will stop by not only for my wife’s famous recipe bread, but for also for some bread straight out of God’s own oven!
Those who pray best, pray for today’s not tomorrow’s needs. Our prayers for tomorrow’s needs may be unnecessary because tomorrow might not exist at all” E M Bounds

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