Preparing a Home

The only thing I knew about my surgeon was His name. I never had so much as sat with him for coffee or met his family. But on date I was given for surgery I obediently came and allowed an anesthesiologist to put me under. When I awoke the procedure was over.

Though I had my fears and questions I decided that getting my vision back was worth the risk. How much more can we trust in Jesus who gave His life for us. He risked His own life to give us the message of God’s gift of eternal life. He healed the sick became the friend of sinners and washed the feet of even His betrayer. Then knowing we would fear what lay beyond our earthly horizon He gave us His promise to prepare a place of safety and love. The eternal world He tells us about is not just a place of mansions and golden streets. It is the address of the house He lives in. He has promised and He has prepared and He is coming to bring us home!

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