Easter Adventure

When Daniel goes to Jerusalem with his family he finds himself in the middle of a crowd shouting the praises of a young rabbi riding in to the city on a Donkey. Five days later he becomes trapped in a mob and separated from his family by soldiers who are marching three men out the gate to be executed. At sunset as Daniel tries to find his way home he sees in the distance that the young rabbi and two others have been crucified on a hilltop. While he is running home in fear, Daniel meets a young man named John who begins to tell him all about Jesus. How will Daniel deal with his fears and doubts? Who has the answers for where his life? Come follow him as he discovers the adventure of God’s plan and where he really belongs! Daniel’s Easter Adventure is available on Amazon in both ebook and softcover.

This Easter story is dedicated to our seven grandchildren who are an adventure of their own!

Daniel’s Easter Adventure

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