Thankful for the Years

“ Lord , make me to know my end, And what is the measure of my days, That I may know how frail I am. Psalms 39:4 NKJV

For 23 years it has been my great privilege to lead the chapel services at Allied. What began as a visit to a friend blossomed into meetings in three different wards every week. Each group was unique in its needs, pace and personality. The Alzheimer’s day room was usually packed, lively and yes unpredictable! But they loved music and often sang along, tapped their feet or at least smiled. Today they each made farewell cards I will treasure always. The respiratory ward was just a small meeting yet it was like meeting with family and I often shared my most personal feelings there. The general population was the place where God taught me how to share His word honestly and simply in 12 minutes! I have measured those years in my mind 1000 times and I wouldn’t want to have missed a single day. I have learned that 1 day in God’s house is more valuable than 1000 anywhere else on earth!

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