The color of the Flower

But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?”
John 5:47

This Mother’s day Azalea was planted at our friend’s house almost 50 years ago. While it is amazing both in it’s beauty and size, what is also curious is the azalea on the neighbor’s side of the fence. It has seen the same sunshine and rain and while also pretty it is only about half the size. The difference is not about its circumstances but about its connection to the soil.

In the same way we who are tested by storms, droughts and harsh winters can bloom at our Father’s doorstep. Our living relationship with Him means both believing what He has spoken in the past along with listening to what He is saying today. God’s written word is a signpost pointing to Christ. The Pharisees were intent on learning all about the post but were not ready to follow it to Jesus. Staying in a living connection to God’s word means more than just knowing every line. A relationship with Him also means listening to what He is saying today. That connection is what makes us grow and gives beauty to the color of the flower!

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