3rd Shift Shepherds

And in the same region there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.  Luke 2:8

It seems unlikely that even one of the shepherds was laying awake thinking of God’s promised messiah that night. Instead these men were likely the third shift workers who were sent out to watch the flock after the main shepherds had gone to bed for the evening. In the small village of Bethlehem only its history held importance. No one thought much of its military or commercial value.

In the darkness of that night the unnamed and unimportant shepherds were about to become the first people on earth to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. God had remembered His people. God had remembered Bethlehem. Most astonishing of all God had remembered some shepherds whom everyone else had forgotten.

Nepal and India 048 (2)

Did you know that God has also remembered you? Have you heard that He is not satisfied to visit only the better homes in the better neighborhoods with the biggest churches with their beautiful appearances? Just as the shepherds were watching their flocks at night so God watches over us when we are going through the darkest moments of our lives. He has not forgotten. He knows right where we are. He hears us and He still sends His message of good news. There is no better place on earth to discover again the greatest news of all. Jesus Christ is born to bring light and hope and salvation to all of us who are out in our fields by night!

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