Christmas Devotional

“O tidings of comfort and joy” goes the end of the chorus of the 18th century English carol. Hearing the strains of this melody stirs in many of us the picture of shepherds surrounding Bethlehem’s manger with wise men just over the horizon bearing gold, frankincense and Myrrh. While all of these images are true to the lyrics and the season, our own journey on this telling will begin in Nazareth. These glad tidings given came to Mary, then Joseph, the shepherds, wise men and now for anyone who will be willing to listen. This year I am offering two 30 day devotionals for advent reading. The Path to Bethlehem contains some content from last year’s reader with some updating and several additional daily readings. 30 Days of Comfort and Joy is entirely new for this year. I hope that one that one of these will be a blessing to my readers this year. You could follow the links I have inserted to find these or search yourself on Amazon. These are each in both e-book and paperback format.

The Path to Bethlehem

30 Days of Comfort and Joy


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