Whatever Happened to Christmas?

I know it might seem early but before you know it the holiday season will arrive, and the release date for this year’s Christmas devotional “Whatever happened to Christmas?” is here. This thirty day walk from Thanksgiving to the manger takes a few peeks back at Christmas memories because in a world at war with Corona Virus, we desperately need to recall the peace of Christmas.  Does anyone still remember that wondrous sense of timelessness that Christmas day once held? Today, are we constantly running due to necessity or are we just staying busy because it helps make us to feel important? When Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a humble manger shepherds left their flocks in the fields to see Him, the Wise Men left their homes to worship and even angels stood breathlessly on tiptoes to watch.

God now invites us to join them in knowing that no matter what is happening around us Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship. Christmas means listening again to the amazing story of the child of Bethlehem whose name is Everlasting Father, the Prince of peace and the Savior of our crazy world.

Whatever happened to Christmas is in both standard and large print, while the e-book version will be available starting on Saturday 10-24-20. So, whatever happened to Christmas? The answer is nothing! By His grace it remains forever the same!

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Regular Print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KTJKPP3

Large Print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L2LL1YY

Christmas Devotional

The  devotions and memories shared here are intimate personal lessons I have gleaned from nearly seven decades of Christmases.  For my followers who have enjoyed my daily inspirational readings all year here are stories celebrating our Savior’s birth in simpler times. I pray they may stir in you as they did in me greatness of God’s gift and the humility of the manger. This year’s devotional is just 30 days of readings and is available in  in both large print and standard as well as in e-book format on Amazon.


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Small Part? – Big Plan!

Small Part? – Big Plan! Large Print

Christmas in Large Print

I am so glad to be able to offer this 30 day Advent reader in large print for 2018. With my own eyesight a bit sketchy over the last few years I jumped at the chance to be able to render this devotional book book in an easy to read format.

“O tidings of comfort and joy” goes the end of the chorus of the 18th century English carol. Hearing the strains of that melody stirs in many of us the picture of shepherds surrounding Bethlehem’s manger with wise men just over the horizon bearing gold, frankincense and myrrh. While all of these images are true to the lyrics and the season, our own journey on this telling will begin in Nazareth. These glad tidings given came to Mary, then Joseph, the shepherds, wise men and now for anyone who will be willing to listen. But hearing is only the first wonderful step that allows the comfort and joy from Our Father’s heart to become our own through Christmas and forever!

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30 Days of Comfort and Joy