So blessed to see William McDowell and Darlene Zschech sharing this song not only as a way to worship Jesus but as a way to unite us at this time. When we worship in separate sanctuaries we are all poorer for it but together we are the people of God!

Jesus Cleans House

And he was teaching them and saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers.” Mark 11:17 ESV

The same man who forgave a woman caught in adultery and happily ate with sinners became angry when He went to the temple to pray. But Jesus shouted as he drove the buyers and sellers away saying indignantly, “Is it not written My House shall be called a house of prayer?” Now a case can be made that Jesus was upset because of where these vendors were set up; but more importantly was that when Jesus said the word “House” he also meant family. In other words when God’s family meets they should be identified as brothers and sisters who come together to pray. Of course it is easy for us 2,000 years later to be critical, but are we any better today?  We have youth events, senior ministry and worship services but we are still first and foremost a family of prayer?

But if we maneuver our way into desirable positions or try to take unfair advantage of others we are putting ourselves right back at the money changer’s tables. Special events are great. Fellowship is important. But can we say that prayer was the main thing that happened at church last Sunday? Then also notice that Jesus went on to say that His family was supposed to be for all nations. Are nations are showing up at our places of worship?  Jesus wants to clean His house of anything that keep us apart. Then when everyone brings their own inheritance into God’s family then together we can be the richest folks on the block! And when not one is missing we are also His family indeed!


Bridging the Great Divide

The greatest example of all loving service is the cross. But there is no other symbol on earth that attracts more anger and division. On the cross God once more divided the light from the darkness. One thief cursed him and one believed. One disciple betrayed him and one came to the cross. One soldier gambled for his robe and another believed He was the Son of God. Yet on the cross of Calvary where its very beams divided the universe in two Jesus built a bridge over the great divide between God and man. There His sacrifice joined together forever anyone who say goodbye to their old world of hatred and sin and meet Him by faith at the cross.