The God of Jacob

The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah Psalm 46:11 ESV

Notice here that God is called here, the God of Jacob. Not God of Abraham – the father of our faith.. He is not the God of Issac, the laughter and joy of God’s promise fulfilled. He is not even called the God of Israel – Jacob’s later God given name meaning prince and overcomer. He is our God of Jacob – the struggler and striver. He is with us as He was with Jacob as He was still locked in combat and wrestling through life with both his brother Esau and The angel of the Lord. At exactly that time when we are also gripped by an opponent who knows our point of weakness, God is with us. He never leaves, He strives along right by our side and comforts us in our dismal moments of what seems certain defeat. Right then and right now He is our God of Jacob – our fortress, our refuge, our mighty delivered and our closest friend!

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