A Borrowed Manger – A borrowed Donkey – A borrowed tomb

Yesterday we had our Palm Sunday meeting at Watermark Assisted Living. This week has been a busy yet blessed week. We had the opportunity to attend a disability ministry training session with the Joni and Friends Ministry on Wednesday. It was amazing to see how similar their special needs outreach is to our Long-Term Care ministry. This Sunday, we looked at the fact the Jesus came into the world in a borrowed manger. Then He entered Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey and was buried in a borrowed tomb. Jesus never made any provision for the things of this world because it was not His home. He came from His home in Heaven and returned there, but all He did, all He gave and all He suffered was for us, so that we could have a home with Him in Heaven! Only Jesus can make the way for us to go where He went. That borrowed manger has long ago turned to saw dust, the borrowed donkey no longer is in his pasture and the borrowed tomb is empty! Our lives are only on loan from God. One day we must return them and meet Him face to face. He rode on the humble borrowed donkey so that we would not be afraid to receive Him as our King, our Lord and our Savior!

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