My New Year’s Message

The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms. And he thrust out the enemy before you and said, ‘Destroy.’ Deuteronomy 33:27 ESV

17 years ago we used to bring two of our grandsons to church. At three and one years old this was a challenge during the song service, while I was alone with them and Nancy sang with the worship team. Nathan, who was the older, was generally happy to sit and clap his hands – but not AJ. Oh no, he wanted in on the action and decided that I had to hold him so he could see what was going on! Now, I loved holding him in my arms for the first song, but by the chorus of the second, he started getting heavy and by the third I was desperate for some help. Today’s verse talks about God’s everlasting arms and I discovered that mine most definitely were not!

As we enter this new year, with all of its challenges, opportunities and scary unknowns, we need the One whose arms alone can carry us through. If we will trust Christ as Savior, then whatever we face we can know that God’s got us in His arms. They are underneath us even when we are at our lowest and He will never let us go!

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Message

  1. Thank you, Pastor Pete. I love your positive—“God’s got this”—attitude and I really enjoyed the song!
    I should have never quipped that you are an average singer. The package deal of you sharing, singing, and playing guitar is out of this world. Truly anointed by God! Happy 2023!

    • Hey, I loved your comment on my singing. It made me laugh and remember that people enjoy it not because of my voice, but because we get blessed when we sing together. The new microphone our son bought me for Christmas helps some too. God bless you and all your family in the new year.

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