Word Wednesday

We are back home after a ten day trip to visit family. What a wonderful (and exhausting!) time hanging with grandkids. It seems they have only two gears, going fast and fast asleep! So this Wednesday I thought to start something new -Word Wednesday-. I love creating verse images on my youversion app. Some are great photos but fail as decent images, so once a week I will share the one that seemed to come out best. What better word to begin with than one that reminds us of whose word stands above all others? Blessings all!

2 thoughts on “Word Wednesday

  1. I’m glad you made it back home—despite winter storm Elliott. We cancelled our Christmas trip to upstate NY—and we were booked on Southwest Airlines connecting in Chicago. 😳

    How comforting it is to know that what God says will outlast heaven and earth and us too!

    Happy New Year, Pastor Pete!

    • So glad you weren’t stranded in that mess. I read that even here in Tampa there were Southwest passengers stranded for days. Thankfully we flew on Spirit and experienced no more than a 30 minute delay. Yes our God is in control and despite my own fussing over minor details He is faithful to care for us.

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