Unashamedly Pro-Life

Walking With Lambs

I wrote the original post for this a few years ago, but with the recent favorable Supreme Court decision shaking the political landscape, I thought it was worth a second look. Our nation has so become deeply divided on the issue of when life begins, that some of us who are pro-life have become afraid to voice our opinions or even ashamed to state our belief. We begin with quite a different value system than the world around us, because we believe that life has value, because it is the gift of God. Every life matters. Every mentally disadvantaged child, physically disabled adult, or Alzheimer’s resident in a nursing home is precious to Jesus. Though debating the value of these lives may not change our neighbor’s mind, we must never be ashamed to stand with Jesus. On the contrary we must lovingly stand our ground, while still loving those who…

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2 thoughts on “Unashamedly Pro-Life

  1. I’m so glad you reposted this Pastor Pete and greatly appreciate your encouragement and wise word. My heart aches at some of the ugly conversations about life that are unfolding right now among Christians. I will be adding your words “What better pro-life statement can we make than to serve the real people in our own small corner of this world from conception to their final breath” to my gracious explanation of my stand for life.

    • Thank you Beth. I am honored to add to your conversation on life. It is God’s first gift and as we care for, protect, and defend the weak I believe with all my heart that Jesus draws near.

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