Fresh Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11 KJV

On cold Winter mornings when it was too dark to go to our job site, it was the perfect time to stop at Abe’s Bakery. Pushing open its doors unleashed the fragrance of fresh baked hard rolls mingled with the aroma of coffee. We quickly ordered, poured our coffee and headed out to the truck. There we hungrily devoured those rolls with butter still dripping from their edges, feeling richer than anyone else on earth. Abe’s fresh baked rolls, always remind me of the daily bread that Jesus taught us to pray for.

First, just as at Abe’s it pays to show up early to get the freshest rolls. If we just dive into our morning and then sometime later ask God for help, He still gives it but when we eagerly push open His door early, He treats us to the aroma of daily bread straight from Heaven’s oven! Secondly, no one on earth can give us anything better than what God has provided, so we should be thankful. Wishing we had what others have, only takes away the joy of receiving exactly what God has prepared. Lastly, just as we never worried if Abe would be making fresh rolls the next morning, Jesus wants us to know that when we pray that we can trust Him to give us His daily bread, new every morning and fresh every day!

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