Taking Time With Joan

Christian Grandfather Magazine

By Peter Caligiuri

As we grow older we may begin to feel useless, unneeded and alone. God gently takes our hand and gives us His full attention. When Jesus sees us, He does not see uselessness, but a life, well lived and well-loved. God, who is never too busy for us, challenges us to slow down, sit down, and visit with Joan or Jim today! They need our encouragement!

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4 thoughts on “Taking Time With Joan

  1. I am at that stage of slowing down, hearing more, seeing more and talking less. I am seeing the percentage of people around me dismissing an older guy past his prime. It is my hope that I will always smile and pray till the Lord takes and remakes me. meanwhile pausing with the Joans for awhile.
    A great reminder Pete. I often stop and say hi to my neighbor and her caregiver as she has a very short memory loop.

    • It’s astonishing what remains in that short loop. When I ask my Thursday morning memory care group their favorite song these are their requests – Love Lifted Me, Amazing Grace, In the Garden and How Great Thou Art. They have forgotten many things but they remember most of the words to these and they sing the best they can.

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