While everyone needs respect, long term care is especially painful for men because they sense more acutely its loss. Men who have been providers, planners and protectors for others, now need the help of nurses and aides, sometimes younger than their grandchildren to get to the toilet. In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon gives […]


I’ll be reposting here the posts from Walking With Lambs for a few weeks, then if you have an interest in nursing home outreach I suggest that you subscribe there. Praise2worship will continue as a devotion and occasional poetry site and we’ll see how this goes. Have a blessed day all!

5 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Other cultures seem to have more respect for the experience and wisdom of their elders, but the West has become so utilitarian, we make them feel less valued – disregarding the fact that, God willing, we will all be there someday.
    God does work all things out for good, though, and I’m guessing there are those who have neglected to acknowledge their dependence on their Creator, who in their latter years find they have no choice. So, physical and mental decline can be an act of God’s mercy – a wakeup call for the overly independent.
    Either way, the right way to relate to these people is to rejoice in the Gospel, which both gives dignity to the humble and humbles the proud.

    • Lots of good points there. The disconnect of divorce, estrangement from children or abandonment by friends is felt most severely in the final chapters. But God never gives up reaching for us no matter our sins or failures. Thanks for entering the conversation.

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