What’s On the Menu?

We have friends on the Keto diet, others on a gluten free menu and a few going the sugar free path. Our get-togethers can be tricky if you’re the one trying to figure out what to serve so everyone will be happy. Though I am not a big fan (or even a little one!) of fancy diet plans I respect my friends even though I tease them sometimes. Now, diets are something we can be picky about but today’s verse tells us that we should be as choosy about what words come out of our mouths as what foods we put in them.

I don’t know what you are facing this morning or what fears stand in your path. This passage from Psalm 34 has been one of my go-to scriptures when I have felt overwhelmed by my own problems. I have found that after clinging to God’s words in the darkest situations that they become more precious and real the next time I face them. Have a blessed Sunday. No matter what is on your menu remember that you can still choose to bless the Lord. His daily bread is on your table and He sends it fresh out of Heaven’s oven every morning for you!

6 thoughts on “What’s On the Menu?

  1. Oh how our society would be much better off if we would all go on a “word” diet limiting ourselves to the menu choices offered in Philippians 4:8- whatever things are true, noble, pure, right, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy.

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