A Closer Look at Martha and the Old Rugged Cross

 Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. John 11:21

Most people have loved Mary because of her humility and worship, but the Bible tells us that Jesus also loved Martha. I think of Martha as the female version of Peter. She was always saying something! But aren’t you secretly glad that Martha said all those things and asked all the questions that the rest of us were too afraid to voice? Today’s video takes a deeper dive into Martha’s cry for help and how we need that in our lives. This also will give those who follow this blog a peek into our nursing home outreach. I am so thankful that other volunteers have come alongside to help so that we were able to serve communion this Friday. Also included is the classic hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross”. If you would like to know more about nursing home ministry, why not follow our YouTube channel? I hope that you have a blessed weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Martha and the Old Rugged Cross

  1. Nice video, Pete. It reminded me of the days I did nursing home ministry. Next time, would you have the person videotaping it show some of the residents – if that’s allowed? I always loved to watch their sweet faces when we talked about Jesus. ❤

    • Yes I understand about wanting to see faces but the facility where we recorded is very strict about HIPPA law. When we film at a different home we do show a few. It would be wonderful if like the missionaries do we could show what we are doing. There were about 20 people in attendance that day and other people were serving communion during The Old Rugged Cross. Thanks for watching and your comments. Blessings

      • The way I understand the rules, we may with the people’s permission film and take pictures for those in Independent or assisted living. Their permission alone is enough. For those in long term care it requires permission of their families. On top of this some facilities have their own rules which are even more strict than the law as they are trying to protect themselves from lawsuits. My own videos occasionally have a face or two, but I am very careful.

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