Free Devotional – My Mother’s Day Gift

Almost ten years ago, after several decades of volunteering in nursing homes I wrote my first book on the subject. This is a bit of a specialized area, and no commercial publishing house was interested (understandably) so with the help of coworkers, my pastor and friends we published “Would You Do It For One?” through Kindle Direct Publishing. With various tweaks over the years and a few follow up volumes I thought I had preserved to the best of my ability the many experiences and lessons I had learned. Though I often floundered through the months and years of ministry, I came to depend more and more on God, as well as learn from plenty of mistakes!

The years from 2015-19 felt like smooth sailing, and then the Covid-19 pandemic came along and turned everything on its head. Thankfully after 15 months of complete shutdown, one by one the facilities reopened, but to a brand-new world, where much has changed. Though I procrastinated and listed lots of good excuses about why I shouldn’t write anything more, God continued to stir my heart, to get off my duff and get started on a new volume! So recently I began work on a new book and I would so appreciate your prayers for God’s inspiration, organization and grace. In the meantime, just in time for Mother’s Day, I am offering for free an eBook version of my 30-day devotional written for people living in long-term care as well as those still living home, with the assistance of friends and family. 31 Days of Hope will be available for free starting on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and the promotion will run through Tuesday of next week. (Just in case you are busy honoring a mom tomorrow!) There is also a Large Print Soft Cover Available. Have a Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers, both biological and spiritual and a blessed weekend to all.

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