The Candle – The Wick and the Flame

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5 KJV

Our Sunday night prayer meeting had been dismissed and we were beginning to greet one another, when our friend Judy hurried over to the pastor with a question, “Pastor Kevin, I’m not leaving here until you explain the Trinity to me!”

I groaned inwardly and whispered quietly to my wife, “Looks like we’re going to be here a while!”

But Pastor Kevin just smiled and said, “No one can explain it perfectly Judy, but think of a candle, a wick and the flame. The candle is the source of everything, the wick draws the wax up and the flame is what people see in a dark room.” I relate this story for those who like Judy, struggle to understand the Trinity. Entire denominations have separated themselves from the rest of the church over this issue, with some even going so far as to consign the rest of us to the dark side for our belief in a God who is three in one. But we may never sort it all out and demanding to do so is no more helpful than chopping up the candle, helps us understand the flame. Maybe the candle of God burns to draw us closer, so that our hearts will be set aflame with the love of Jesus Christ. When He becomes our candle our wick and flame, then God flow through us to others, so that He will shine in the darkness till day that Jesus returns!

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