Heaven’s Family Album

Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven. Luke 10:20 KJV

This year we decided that the time had come to organize our vast collection of family photos. We put this off for years because in our cabinets lie thousands of snapshots of our own, as well as hundreds from our parents, and even grandparents. Slowly and methodically, we went through our collection, tossing out faded landscapes, faces of folks we do not recognize or wished we didn’t.

At first, this was simply tedious but as time went on and the images passed before me, the memories came rushing back. We laughed seeing images of our children (now in their forties) jumping on the couch, we wept to see faces of friends and family separated by death or broken relationships. Some of our memories are treasures, while others we simply wanted to throw away. As flipped through the pile of photographs, I saw my life in the faces and was reminded that God also has a family album of His own in Heaven.

From His vast collection, He has lovingly shared with us a few eternal snapshots, to teach us the most important lessons of life. From our children, we learned to be patient and to love them even when they failed. From parents and grandparents, He showed us how to face difficulties with faith and respect for those weaker than we are. But from those who hurt us He has given us the opportunity to learn the greatest lesson of all. With these Jesus brings us to the cross where He teaches us to treat thieves as companions, failed friends as family members and those who cause our deepest pain, as people in need of mercy. At the cross God shows us that in forgiving others, He has forgiven us in spite of our sins. Then by His grace He has added us one by one into His family album in Heaven where we will one day see His face forever!

6 thoughts on “Heaven’s Family Album

  1. That’s one happy baby in the concluding photo! Praise God for the images in our photo boxes and also in the recesses of our memories that also bring us joy (though perhaps accompanied by a dash of melancholy nostalgia).

  2. What a beautiful reflection on a monumental project! I love your closing words, “Then by His grace He has added us one by one into His family album in Heaven where we will one day see His face forever!” For Christmas, we kids got my mom a box that she can fill with slides then ship to a company to have her selection digitized. Our hope is that this gift will inspire her to begin going through those pictures and bring back some wonderful memories.

    • What a special gift! Her notes along with those photos will grow more precious every year. Yes this is an enormous project. I would guess I am closing in on a full 40 hours of editing and saving to the external hard drive. So far I have worked up from the 1920’s to 2000 though I skipped a bunch from the 90’s that are in another cabinet. Not sure I can finish it all.

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