What if Joy? Song

First I would like to thank Beth Alisan for encouragement to make my poem “What if Joy? into a song. Personally I was skeptical as song writing and poetry are much entirely different at least for me. But the idea kept nagging at me. Finally, I sat down with the guitar, prayed and worked on a melody over the last couple of weeks. By the way, I highly recommend the blog that Beth writes – Lessons from a Lab – I have always admired the multitude of life lessons that she has passed on to us while walking Adi, her Labrador Retriever. You can find it at https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/163893015

So thanks Beth and I hope you like this simple song. Have a blessed day all and no matter what you are facing, stop and ask the question, “What if Joy is the path that God is making to see me through?”

6 thoughts on “What if Joy? Song

  1. Oh this is wonderful Pastor Pete! I pulled up your poem so I could sing along. The tune was so easy to catch on to! I’m glad you made the poem’s 2nd stanza into the chorus as that will echo with me as I finish out this day- “For God in grace bends down to lift our earthward looking eyes so we can see the mountain peaks for which His wings can fly.” I hope this song will be like a hug of encouragement from the Lord to those who hear it here on your blog and in the senior communities where you minister.

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