They said to him, “We have only five loaves here and two fish.” And he said, “Bring them here to me.”         Matthew 14:17-18 ESV

After Christmas people who we missed seeing on the big day sometimes stop by unexpectedly and more often than we would like to admit we do some quick re-gifting, though – we try to avoid that label because it is associated with someone who is a cheap-skate. However, in the Bible Jesus often practiced re-gifting. In today’s verse, for example, Jesus took five loaves from the disciples, who got them from a small boy and then gave them to five thousand hungry people. Later, Jesus took the disciples who His Father had given Him and gave them to the world. Last of all; Jesus took the life which the Father had given Him, and He gave it to us on the cross.

In this year ahead we will all be “gifted” with time, talent and treasure. None of these things belong to us. All we have is just passing through our hands. How we “Re-Gift” what we have received has the potential to feed the hungry, bring comfort to hurting people, and give friendship to those in our world. We need to each ask ourselves what we can unashamedly re-gift every day. May God bless you as you share your gifts in the 365 days of the year ahead!

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