Love’s Legacy – Annie Moses Band

I don’t usually post song videos, as we all have such different tastes in music but this was so stunningly beautiful that I had to pass it along. It gives us pause to look back in thankful appreciation to all God has given us through either our own family or the family God has given us. I do hope both you enjoy their wonderful music and consider what legacy you will leave behind.

5 thoughts on “Love’s Legacy – Annie Moses Band

  1. I love the contrast of the generations – the beautiful young woman in an elegant evening gown, on a stage with accompanying musicians, singing about her great-grandmother who worked her fingers to the bone in cotton fields, and the precious legacy that united them. ❤

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    • Jesus said that real love is giving our lives for others as He gave His life for us. That is what the great-grandmother of the Annie Moses band did for her family and why they named themselves after her.

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