So In Winter Remember

At His table in Springtime
He planted seed in our hearts
And gave us Himself
While we walked in the dark

Then in Summer we found
He’s the Vine growing strong
We are His branches
Through His blood we belong

Look how Autumn has come
When the harvest begins
And hands marked by scars
Draw our hearts us close to Him

So in Winter remember
That His promise is true
Soon we’ll sit at His table
And feast all the night the through!

So in Winter Remember by Peter Caligiuri Copyright © 2021
All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “So In Winter Remember

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Pete. A fitting meditation for this time of year.
    I couldn’t help noticing a couple of places where you apparently made changes and didn’t delete a word or two. (I’ve done that, too.) They were a minor distraction, but this poem is too good for English teachers like me to be distracted from. 🙄 You might want to proofread and tweak (And feel free to delete this comment when you have. 😉)

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