Time and Place For Praise!

Blessed be the Lord from Zion, he who dwells in Jerusalem! Praise the Lord!
Psalm 135:21 ESV

If you are like me you probably read through this passage assume that God dwelling in Jerusalem was just a thing for Bible times. After all Jesus told us that the time was arriving when people would no longer worship in a geographic location. God is a Spirit and that is where we should worship.

But if we look at the book of Revelation we discover that there indeed is a place where God will be worshiped for eternity called the New Jerusalem. So where is that place and why would God change His mind?

Well maybe….just maybe it is because the New Jerusalem is not just a geographic location. It is that the dwelling place that Jesus went to prepare is you and I. It is an eternal resting place for God (and us) built of all our brothers and sisters throughout all the ages who have put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation. We are the tabernacle of God. Our hearts are the location He has chosen to dwell in. And together as we praise and lift up the wonderful name of Jesus – God will be worshiped in Spirit and in truth forever and forever! Now what could be more worth both living and dying for than that?!

3 thoughts on “Time and Place For Praise!

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