Messy Grace

Today I wanted to share this beautiful post by my blogging friend Patty. To introduce you here is her tag line – I’m Patty, and my husband and I are living with our adult son who has autism and epilepsy. I love sharing lessons learned from life around me, especially life with Aaron.

I have been really enjoyed learning from Patty and Aaron about trusting God while dealing with special needs. We have a special needs grandson named Christian who is still young and we have worried about how we and his own mom and dad will deal with that as he grows up. Patty has been such a great encouragement to me that I wanted to share with my readers her latest post. Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend everybody! Here is the link to her blog  “He said What?”

He Said What?!

Last Friday when I went into Aaron’s room to wake him up and get him going for the day, I knew that something was off. Sure enough, Aaron’s bed was soaked. He had a seizure the day before, but I hadn’t heard one that previous night, so maybe he just drank too much water before bed. Thoughts of that continuing issue with the amount of water he drinks made me a little irritated.

So did the fact that because of so many other things going on…and now tons of laundry to do…I had to cancel lunch plans with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever. This was our second time to cancel. GRRRR!

But I’ve learned to look at the positives at times like that. I have a washer and dryer, and they work. I have the time and freedom to change my day around. And now Aaron’s bedding would…

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