Why is There a Cross – On Top of the Steeple?

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. John 12:32 KJV

Have you ever wondered why most churches have a cross at the top of their steeples, or that hundreds of millions of Christians wear crosses around their necks? It certainly isn’t stated anywhere in the Bible that we are supposed to do this – and yet we do.

In fact, when we think about the events of the gospel it might seem more appropriate to have an empty tomb on the roof showing the victory of Jesus over death or a throne showing that He is King of the universe. But there is something about the cross that attracts us to Jesus. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus told us that when He was lifted up that He would draw people to himself. Jesus healed lepers, multiplied bread, and walked on water but the lepers went home, the bread eaters stopped following and even Peter who had walked on water with Him, denied knowing Him. But on the cross things began to happen no could have imagined. At the cross, a thief believed and was promised paradise, and a Roman soldier cried out that He was the Son of God. Nicodemus came and boldly requested to give Jesus a proper burial and even His enemies remembered His claim of resurrection and asked for the tomb to be guarded and sealed. Repentance and faith, remembering His words and watching the tomb all began at the cross. The cross calls for us to take a stand and gives a place where we can see and believe that Jesus is God’s Son. So keep putting the cross where everyone can see because He has promised that when He is lifted up that He will draw all men to Him!

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