The Loneliest Job In America: Being the Pastor’s Wife — The Light Breaks Through

Pastor’s wives often have unrealistic expectations placed on them, leading to even more loneliness.

The Loneliest Job In America: Being the Pastor’s Wife — The Light Breaks Through

I stumbled across this post by Pastor Keith Haney by accident but as Gibbs tells us on NCIS “There’s no such thing as and accident!” My wife and I got a few real laughs reading it together because it is such a real struggle. It reminds me of an evening many years ago in the church we attended. The service was drawing to a close and the pastor gave an altar call but no one came. So he extended the call a second time saying, “I just feel someone really needs a touch from God tonight.” Then to everyone’s surprise the lone person who walked up to the altar was his wife. As the ladies gathered around to pray for her she suddenly collapsed and an ambulance was called. Panic set in as the emergency workers carted poor Brenda off to the hospital. Once there they hooked her up to an IV and did an intensive exam, only to discover that she had simply fainted from exhaustion! This is a true story and one that taught us all the value of our pastor’s wife. She had been running so hard to keep up with all of our expectations that she needed that altar call more than any of us. I am happy to report that she received much more support, understanding and admiration once she returned home. Please never take that sweet lady who God has called in your church to be the pastor’s wife!

5 thoughts on “The Loneliest Job In America: Being the Pastor’s Wife — The Light Breaks Through

  1. Thanks for this share. I look forward to reading it. Having spent almost 30 years as a pastor’s wife, I am now so thankful to have that background and understanding to be able to invest in the pastor’s wives in my life (prayers, gifts, care for her … just her). I remember, years ago, a woman in our church who would send me a card once a year, with money in it … “just for you”. She was the daughter of a retired pastor and his wife and she knew how far little blessings could be multiplied in the heart of a pastor’s wife). Thanks to God for this prompt for me to bless each one of them this week!

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