God Remembers Hummingbirds and Sparrows

Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? Luke 12:6 KJV

Hummingbirds live in Florida year-round because it rarely gets below freezing. But on one of those rare mornings that it did get cold, a friend of mine spotted a hummingbird lying on the side of the street. He gently reached down and picked up the poor frozen bird and cupped it in his hands to take a closer look. As the warmth of his hands slowly seeped into the bird’s body, it began to quiver. So, he gently carried it inside where he mixed up some sugar water. Next, as he held the dish near the tiny bird put out his tongue and licked up a little of the sweet liquid. In a matter of minutes, my friend told me that the hummingbird was strong enough to stand up. Finally, he took it outside and was able to release it. His story made me think of how God has remembered us.

Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Pexels.com

When God remembers us it is different from when we remember friends by glancing nostalgically through photo albums or fondly dusting off mementoes we bought somewhere. God remembered us by stooping low to the cross where Jesus died, so that He could pick us up from where we had fallen. Then God carried us to His own house where he gave us the sweet milk of His word and gave us strength to stand. Finally, He led us out to freedom and released our soul from sin and death. How wonderful that this freedom which God gives is even better than being free like a bird to fly away. Instead, God gives us the wings of His Spirit so we can fly after Him and worship Him forever!

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